Embrace the change

Looking forward to the future, company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) will gather together, quickly embrace changes, launched the partial renovation brand Youzi, e-commerce platform qixuan.jia.com and other new businesses, continue to achieve better user experience and higher industry efficiency.


Better Service

In order to greatly improve user experience, company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) has created a new e-commerce platform for home building materials, qixuan.jia.com, which takes "group buying" as its core. Meanwhile, company has launched the partial renovation brand Youzi, which brings the quality service and core competence of company to the local community, and continuously provide better service.


Open and Win-Win

We will open up our platform and have deep strategic cooperation with related companies in the value chain, such as Zhuge Housing, Bank of China, Zhejiang Meida, Koujiale, AIAO Ceiling, Zhibang Home, Ping An Insurance, etc. to expand the ecological boundary and build new value.


Landing on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

On July 12, 2018, Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc. was officially listed in Hong Kong, the gong sounded, but the original intention is still there, and a new stage is starting again. 11 years of fine cultivation, 11 years of wind and rain, this is also the "highlight moment" of all Qijia people!



With three years of transformation, company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) has become the largest and most prestigious Internet home improvement platform in China, and has built up a flourishing platform ecosystem and attracts more and more decoration companies, users, and other groups related to the home decoration value chain to join.



We are committed to building deep partnerships with key partners in the industry chain, including building material brands, decoration companies, supervisors and service companies, to promote the optimization and upgrading of the entire industry.


Platform Transformation

Company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) revolutionized itself around 2014 and 2015, shifting its strategic focus to the platform business, carefully selected and verified decoration companies and material business for the customer while also reorganizing the APP ecology and reconstructing its content. The new business forms are thriving.


Steady leading position

Company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) stepped on the right trend, forward-looking layout, focused on users, and played steadily, gradually pushing the business model to the extreme, regardless of user reputation and industry status are extremely solid. The founder, Deng Huajin, was once called the "King of Group Buying" by the media.


Riding the wind and rise

With the rapid development of the Internet, the whole industry ushered in a dividend period. Company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) takes advantage of the trend to build online shopping malls, consolidate competition barriers, through online shopping malls and offline group purchase system to penetrate consumer demand for building materials. At the same time to deepen the decoration business, select the decoration company, from the perspective of user decoration to construct the complete process of consumption.


Capital is in favor

In 2010, Company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) joined hands with Baidu and completed Series A financing. In the following years, many top capitals, such as Kaifeng Venture Capital, Guangfa Xinde, Jianxin Capital, Oriza Holdings, Orchid Asia,etc., entered the business which provides great support for the sustained, stable, and rapid development of the company.


Dare to be the first

Company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) adjusted its strategy to take building materials and home shopping guide platform as a grip, focusing on the key points of user experience, selecting brands, reducing the dilemma of user selection, constructing transaction scenarios, and standardized the payment process, provided users with the best experience in the market at that time. Winning the excellent reputation of thousands of users and quickly became the first in the industry.



As early as 2005, the founder of Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc., Mr. Deng Huajin, founded an e-commerce company called Shanghai Group Buying Network, focusing on all categories and localization. 2007, Mr. Deng Huajin formally opened the company's operation, and resolutely jumped into the vertical track of home building materials, started with detail, company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) entered the fast lane of development, and the curtain of industry change was also opened.