Awards and Honors


Royalflush Finance 2022 Investor Relations Pioneer Award

It is reported that the "Royalflush Finance Enterprise 2021 Annual List" selection is sponsored by Royalflush Finance, aiming to help investors understand the value of listed companies, show excellent investor relations team, promote the standardized construction of market value management system of listed companies, and jointly witness the innovation and change in the field of China's investment. In terms of investor relationship management, company(Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) always abides by the principles of compliance, objectivity, timeliness, interaction and fairness, adheres to the principle of open and transparent information disclosure, and maintains two-way and interactive positive communication with shareholders, investors, institutions and regulators.
In this process, investor relationship management is carried out through performance presentations, road shows, investor field research and investment strategy meetings, so as to ensure that investors can timely and accurately understand corporate information and enhance investors' understanding and recognition of the company with good corporate transparency.
At the same time, company(Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) always adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation" as the driving force, with forward-looking vision and innovative technology, and constantly improve the quality of products and the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Make every effort to strengthen the innovation engine, provide more powerful platform support and solid guarantee for the installation enterprises, inject new driving force for enterprise development. Meanwhile, to provide users with excellent performance, assured and satisfied products, to improve the user's home decoration experience, with intimate service to improve user happiness. To continuously improve the comprehensive strength, continue to create steady growth of investor value, and build a long-term, open, multi-win-win "cooperation ecosystem". Innovation-driven development, hard work to win trust.
In the future, company(Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) will always remain committed to reshaping the industry model with digitalization, forming an innovation driving force to promote profound changes in the home improvement industry, consolidating the foundation of digital transformation, building a virtuous cycle of mutual promotion, and realizing high-quality development. Create long-term and stable value returns for shareholders, customers, employees and the society, and achieve common growth.

Roadshow China The 6th China Excellent IR "Best Digital Investor Relations Award"

On December 22, company (Qeeka Home(Cayman) Inc.) won the "Best Digital Investor Relations Award" in the 6th Excellence IR Award. A total of nearly 500 listed companies submitted evaluation materials, focusing on listed companies' credit quality, corporate value, corporate governance, ESG frontier, capital market communication, IR innovation practice and other aspects, combined with IR questionnaire scores, online voting and institutional review, a total of 15 categories of awards were awarded.
The Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan in 2021 clearly takes "speeding up digital development and building Digital China" as an independent chapter. Creating new advantages of digital economy, adhering to new development concepts and creating a sound digital ecology are listed as one of the goals and tasks of the 14th Five-Year Plan period. In terms of investor relationship management, the Guidance on Investor Relationship Management of Listed Companies issued and implemented by China Securities Regulatory Commission in 2022 clearly encourages listed companies to strengthen network communication, use new media platforms to carry out investor relationship activities, and establish and improve investor relationship management archives and databases.
The Excellence IR Award for Best Digital Investor Relations is designed to honor the IR team that has been the first to apply digital to IR work scenarios and achieved results in investor relations management in 2022.