The foresight, executive capability and entrepreneurial spirit of our experienced management team is a key contributing factor to our leading position in the online interior design and construction industry.

Mr. DENG Huajin

Chairman of the Board, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Deng is the founder of our Group. He has been leading our Group for over 10 years, and is responsible for the company's long-term strategic design, major strategic decision deployment, organizational development and talent training.
Mr. Deng received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from East China Normal University in July 1996. He was awarded “Person of the Year by the Global Achievement Awards”, “2016-2017 Person of the Year”in the residential interior design and construction industry, “2016 Person of the Year for Outstanding Contributions”in the residential e-commercial industry and one of the“Ten Outstanding Figures of the Year of Shanghai Commerce”in 2016.In 2021, he was elected as the “Fifth Honorary Vice President of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce” and was honored as the “Outstanding CEO of 2020 ” by iiMedia Consulting.In 2021, he was honored as the “2021 China Home Furnishing Annual CEO30 Top”in 2021 (5th) China Real Estate New Era Celebration hosted by Leju Finance.

Mr. QIU Zhenyi

Chief Executive Officer of Supply Chain Service and Innovation Business Group

Mr. Qiu Zhenyi ,as the president of the Group, is responsible for the daily operations and collaborative development of various business sectors.
Mr. Qiu participated in the establishment of Shanghai Group Buying Network in 2005, and joined the Group in 2007 and has since held the positions of the head of technology, operations, market and user, Interior Design & Construction(IDC) platform business, as well as CTO, CMO.
Mr. Qiu led the establishment of Qeeka technical architecture system, marketing and user operation system, as well as the research, design, and development of various product lines, promoting the construction and continuous development of multiple innovative business lines from 0 to 1. During the period in charge of Interior Design & Construction(IDC) platform business, he led the design of the SaaS-based system of Qeeka to assist merchants in digital transformation, which accelerated the successful transformation of Qeeka from an e-commerce company to SaaS enabled solution platforms. Mr. Qiu holds a master's degree in software Master of Engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, has won a number of software copyrights and patents, and has led the compilation of a series of encyclopedias on household decoration science.

Mr. TIAN Yuan

Senior Vice President

Mr. TIAN Yuan is an executive Director and joint company secretary,and is responsible for the human resources and other affairs management. 
Before joining our Group, Mr. Tian served as a deputy general manager of Shanghai region at Dongguan Fuhe Furniture Co., Ltd.*, and a deputy general manager of Shanghai Daihua.
Mr. Tian received a bachelor’s degree in engineering in electronic precision machinery from Shanghai University in July 1991.

Mr. GAO Wei

Senior Vice President

Mr. GAO Wei is an executive Director,and is responsible for the interior design and construction service of the Company.
Prior to joining our Group, Mr. Gao served as the general manager of Suzhou Tianbo Advertising Co., Ltd.*, and a deputy general manager at Suzhou Xinde Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Mr. Gao received an executive master’s degree in business administration from Fudan University in June 2014.