QeekaReleases the "SSF"Strategy Fully Open the Ecological Empowerment to Function at Both Ends

On November 21st, the 2nd National Interior Design and Construction Industry Summit and 2019 Strategic Upgrading Conference of Qeeka Home with the theme of “Pulsing the Future and Rebuilding Competition” kicked off in Shanghai.

At the conference, Qeeka announced the "SSF" strategy of 2019. Next year, it will simultaneously exert efforts on both the merchant side and the users side to fully open up the ecological empowerment. On the merchant side, Qeeka will deepen the ecological supply chain system, the system-informatization and the financial ecology, thus becoming technology-drivenand collaborating with top companies in the segment to help rebuild competitiveness. On the user side, Qeeka will strictly select high-quality service providers, focus on the upgrading of delivery management, site environmental protection and upgrade user services across the board.

Deepen the Technical Empowerment toContributeEnterprises to Reach the 100 Million Revenue Target

Deng Huajin, chairman and CEO of Qeeka Home, said in his speech that 2018 is a year of great changes in the industry. The whole industry is deeply reshuffled and restructured. As the industry moves into the stage of high-quality development, the competitive advantage of the extensive decoration management has ceased to exist, and the core competitiveness of the interior design and construction companies will change in the future.

Deng Huajin also said, “The National Interior Design and Construction Industry Summit is one of the most important activities of Qeeka. We will showcase the innovation and development of the past year and the initiatives of the next year through this window. In the past year, Qeeka's empowerment strategy has gradually landed and achieved remarkable results. Next, Qeeka will further enhance its ability to empower, and help enterprises to reshape their competition and achieve a win-win future through technological applications, innovative products and resource integration.”

As the highlight of the summit, Qeeka released the "SSF" strategy of 2019, namely, deepening the ecological Supply-Chainsystem, the System-Informatization construction and the Financial-Ecology scenarios, which helps service providers to break through 100 million yuan, fill their technical shortcomings with information technology as the driving force and promote the profit strengthened with the supply chain system.

It is understood that Qeeka Home announced the complete ecological empowerment strategy to the service providers for the first timeon November 29, 2017. The data shows that the effect of its empowerment strategy is remarkable. In 2018, under the rigorous environment of the overall interior design and construction market, there is still a large number of outstanding enterprises on Qeeka’s platform to grow against the trend. Therefore, the output value has doubled or even increased several times and the highest output value has increased by nearly 500%. In addition, the conversion rate in 2018 of Qijia Bao Service has risen sharply compared with 2017, showing the highest rate of increase of nearly 400%.

Yu Liping, the vice president of Qeeka, said that based on the empowerment level in 2018 and according to the "SSF" strategy, in 2019, Qeeka will be further driven by technology and will give full support to the company in terms of flow, content, design, construction delivery, transaction guarantee, etc. What’s more, it will also open its platform in advertising, social marketing, CRM system, DS design, ERP management, etc., thus continuing to prosper the ecology of Qeeka’s platform.

Zhu Kai, the vice president of Qeeka, said that other than technology empowerment, Qeeka has comprehensively laid out an ecological supply chain system, whether it is the deepening of the F2C national supply chain, the launch of the national brand localization supply chain or the integration of regional brand supply chain. Meanwhile, Qeeka has to be deeply involved, cooperate with top brands in various fields and export it to the service providers, thus increasing the bargaining chip for them.

In terms of the layout of home-based eco-funding scenarios, service provider Loan and Exclusive Loan issued by Qeeka are the perfect way to solve the problem of “money” for enterprises and users. In addition, Qeeka announced that it will continually explore financial scenarios in 2019.

Upgrade the entire line to innovate the user experience

The changes in user demand drive the innovation and development of the interior design and construction industry. As the largest and most prosperous online IDC platform in China, Qeeka Home is constantly upgrading its user experience.

According to the big data of the Qeekaonline platform, an increasingly number of users are paying more attention to “environmental protection” and “intelligence”. For this purpose, Qeeka follows the user's demands and uses technical means to promote environmental protection construction sites, reform construction techniques and construction methods, integrate new and environmentally-friendly materials, reduce decoration waste, avoid construction pollution to meet the increasingly strong environmental protection needs, thus making interior design and construction more humanized and convenient.

In addition to environmental protection site upgrading, Qeeka will also be fully upgraded to delivery management. In view of the problems that remote users can't enjoy door-to-door service, the construction site is not standardized and the owner is suspicious of the merchant's private payment deposit, Qeeka will open the remote supervision of Qijia Bao Service and implement the merchant-side process training mechanism and start the merchant site management mechanism to further strengthen the delivery management ability. At the same time, Ping an Insurance Service 2.0 was introduced to help users to resist the risks of the service provider's “disappearing” and decoration accidents.

Additionally, Qeeka released the service provider promotion standard 1.0and increased the review of cooperative enterprises. According to the standard, after the amount of lock position and the operation and conversion rate of Qijia Bao Service have reached certain requirements, the SSF-level resources matched by Qeeka can be enjoyed.

Yu Liping insisted that Qeeka has always attached importance to user experience. From the increased the screening standards of cooperated service providers at the early stage to the fortified technical empowerment and users’ protection at the later period, and the users were strengthened, the ultimate goal of Qeeka is to create differentiated core competencies so that every enterprise on the platform has the ability to provide good services to users, bringing a wholly new home improvement experience to them. “In the post-online interior design and construction era, Qeeka will create a full ecological chain value. With the strong technology and platform advantages, we will work hard at both ends of the C and B sides to work together, thus opening a more efficient, convenient and technologically-friendly interior design and construction chapter.”