Trustdata:Qeeka Accelerated Expansion – User Growth from Tier 3/4 Cities Reached 65.8%

Trustdata, a famous Chinese mobile internet big data monitoring platform, lately published 2018 Internet Industry Development Analysis Report. According to the report, the mobile internet industry had a significant transformation in 2018 – the market went from frenzy to calmness. At this critical moment, Chinese internet companies such as Xiaomi, Meituan and Qeeka have gone public in either the U.S. or Hong Kong, leading a tremendous trend of overseas listing.

According to Trustdata, Qeeka, as the leading interior design and construction online platform listed in Hong Kong on July 12th last year, has a great advantage in steady growth of urban users. In 2018, Qeeka’s user growth from tier 3/4 cities reached 65.8%, much higher than that of peer companies. This owes to Qeeka’s hard work in operation support in tier 3/4 cities and under.

The current large scale of users group from tier 3/4 cities has an increased demand for branded consumption. However, the lack of brands as well as inefficiency of supply chain and post-sale services in tier 3/4 cities brought a huge growth potential to the interior design and construction industry in these cities.

In order to satisfy local demands for high quality interior design and construction, Qeeka established its licensed brand – Qeeka Dianshang in 2015. Both the reputation and market share of Qeeka Dianshang tremendously accelerated through empowering the industry by providing high quality interior design and construction service providers with support of branding, design, operation, supply chain etc. In addition, Qeeka’s core platform business has grown significantly in 2018. As shown in Trustdata’s report, Qeeka has achieved a noticeable business growth in Zhuhai, Shaoguan, Foshan and other cities in Guangdong Province. Qeeka has effectively accomplished expansion in lower tier cities.

On November 21st, 2018, Qeeka officially launched the “SSF Strategy” in the 2nd National Interior Design and Construction Industry Summit, announcing its goal to prioritize the landing in representative cities. “SSF Strategy”, namely, is deepening the ecological System-Informatization construction, the Supply-Chain system and the Financial-Ecology scenarios. Technology-oriented, SSF Strategy aims to support interior design and construction companies in terms of flow, content, design, construction delivery, transaction guarantee, etc. Qeeka will also open its platform in advertising, social marketing, CRM system, DS design, ERP management, etc., thus to prosper the ecology of Qeeka’s platform and use the thought of industry integration and innovation to solve various problems in the current industry.

On January 10th, 2019, Qeeka further announced its strategy on operation support for tier 3/4 cities and below in the Qeeka Dianshang 2018 Annual Meeting. Next, Qeeka will further improve the selection system for the licensees and push forward Dianshang’s brand expansion in tier 3/4 cities and under. Qeeka will also ensure the actualization of eight core operation resources and enable licensees to become local leading interior design and construction service providers in order to provide better service experience for users from tier 3/4 cities and below.