Qeeka’s two Major Apps Rank Top Two in the 2018 Annual Home Decoration APP List, Shows the Power of Content Ecology

Qeeka’s two Apps, Finest interior design and Qijia, have maintained their leading positions as Top 1 and Top 2 apps in the recent 2018 Annual Home Decoration APP List jointly released by China Internet Weekly of Chinese Academy of Sciences and eNet Research Institute.

China Internet Weekly, known as one of the most influential leading business magazines in the domestic Internet and technology industry, manages the 2018 Annual Top App List which includes several major industry sectors such as non-profit, entertainment, news, e-commerce, travel, healthcare, home decoration etc. The list is recognized as one of the most authentic domestic ranking list, wherein to select Internet and other industries’ benchmarking app products during the year of 2018.

2018 is the tenth anniversary of iOS App Store and Google Play. Ten years ago, it had been difficult to imagine that mobile terminals would have eventually replaced PC and become the most important touchable terminals. Qeeka started deploying mobile terminals in 2014 and has developed multiple APPs. These APPs contain different scenarios including design, pictures sharing, content learning, demand responses and so on to improve user experiences and meet the needs of interior design and construction users in all directions.

The Top 1 APP on the list, finest interior design (App), built an effective communication platform between users and designers on design and renderings. Finest interior design was launched in 2015. Users can book designer's existing works, publish decoration diaries, view renderings and inquire decoration guide, from which they can also get personalized recommendations based on content and matching. At the same time, designers can identify users’ needs through the platform, generate clearer user portraits, and achieve accurate order allocations.

Qijia (App) was listed the second place, is one of the main entrances to response to users' home decoration needs. It is a one-stop service platform for decoration, building materials and home design, providing users with more convenient and transparent interior design and construction services. Qijia was launched in 2014. On this APP, users can enjoy the special service support from Qeeka’s high quality construction team, Qijiabao, third-party inspection and material management.

China Internet Weekly views the current mobile application market as a rich ecosystem wherein every phrase including development, payment and advertisement can be fully supported by mature technology. Applications still have growth potentials, but bonus had been past, slow growth and Matthew Effect has narrowed the development space of new APPs.

Industry insiders pointed out that as a leader and innovator in the online IDC platform industry, Qeeka has seized opportunities in the mobile Internet dividend period much earlier than the others and has captured a large amount of mobile-end traffic by refined matrix layout. Along with the further influence of the Matthew Effect, it will be increasingly difficult for other players in the industry to catch up with Qeeka.