BigData Research: Online IDC Platform Users are Getting Younger, Qeeka Home Continues to Lead the Industry

The latest 2018 China online IDC Market Research Report released by BigData Research shows that there is a high degree of concentration in the online IDC industry. Qeeka Home and Tubatu accounted for more than 60% of the total market share. Between them, Qeeka Home’s successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July 2018, and enjoyed a more rapid growth. Relying on its high-quality service and renowned reputation, Qeeka Home has becomes the most preferred platform for users and decoration companies to seek IDC services. Thus, its market share has further increased to 41.3%, while the market share of Tubatu has declined to 24.6%, resulted with a further gap between the two.

At the same time, benefited from the impacts of policy, capital, technology upgrading and consumer structure, China's online IDC market shows a rapid growth trend with a YoY growth of 34.9% in 2018. From 2018, leasing business becomes the only market with policy benefits and also turn into the new incremental market in the IDC industry. Secondly, capital is flowing into the industry; Qeeka Home’s successfully initial public offering on July 2018 brought the online IDC platform model to the Hong Kong capital market. In addition, online IDC enterprises have been favored by capital market, 62 enterprises have completed 70 financing transactions with a total amount of RMB23.19 billion in 2018. Both the number of enterprises and the amount of financing have enhanced significantly compared with last year (2017), and the total amount of financing has increased by 766.1%. Thirdly, the post-90s generation has gradually become the main force of buying and renting houses. The change of consumer structure brought the improvement of consumption concept and the change of consumption pattern. Thus, the acceptance of online IDC services has been greatly improved. Finally, the development in VR, AR, 3D cloud design and other new technologies made it more common in realizing the IDC technology experience scene.

The report reveals that the highest proportion of the demand of China online IDC market is from the second house renovation, which proportioned 47.1%, exceeding the new house decoration, which accounted for 42.3%. With the consumption upgrade and prospering rental market, the demand for second house and partial renovation will continue expanding, which will consistently support the development of China's IDC industry.

China's online IDC industry is still in the primary stage of development. In the aspect of business model, the industry usually provides consumers with money, time and effort saving decoration services by the way of "low price package + short period commitment + decoration process real-time monitoring" in order to win the recognition of users. The IDC industry itself has a long chain and plenty of key points, which is more rigorous for the online IDC service providers. Only to integrate the upstream and downstream and be equipped with strong control, the online IDC companies can become bigger and more dominant in the competitive market. In the future, the key to win in the competition lies in the integration of various resources and the creation of new transaction flow. As the post-90s and post-95s become the main users groups of mobile-internet, the online IDC platform users are generally younger, with approximately 80% are under the age of 35. In 2018, Qeeka Home’s users under 35 years exceed 80%, which also demonstrates an increasing trend of younger consumer group. Tubatu’s users over 35 years account for more than 30%, which is slightly aging compared with other major platforms. In terms of user gender, the overall ratio of male to female is relatively balanced. There are more male users of Qeeka Home and Tubatu, while female users of Ikongjian are higher than male users.

With the application of technologies and systems, the development of online IDC industry is becoming daily standardized so customer satisfaction has been fully improved. Report displayed that Qeeka Home acquired 90.6% of customer satisfaction, which is the highest among online IDC platforms, by providing low price while high quality products and excellent services via internet technology innovation, and helping the owner to achieve a relaxed and comfortable online IDC experience. However, Tubatu has encountered many significant user complaints since 2018, including contract traps, which caused a drop in customer satisfaction to 79.5%.

The online IDC market is gradually recognized and accepted by users and the development of service providers are gradually transferring from attracting new users to innovating and upgrading internal technology and model. BigData Research believes that the future online IDC platform’s development trend will include the extension of industrial chain, eco-friendly materials, financing referring service, smart home and artificial intelligence.

Extending the industrial chain, one-stop IDC service is rising

IDC pattern has transformed from the traditional to the online "one-stop" pattern. Big platforms are mining and sinking to third-tier and forth-tier cities. IDC service providers are using the industry power as the link to provide overall support, including branding, design, informationzation, and supply chain and so on, to offer high quality IDC service providers in the application of supply chain, after-sale services and marketing.

Eco-friendly materials

With the improvement of people's living standard, an increasingly number of decoration users is paying more attention to environmental protection and eco-friendly materials, which are the key selling points of building materials industry. Thus, eco-friendly building materials are the trend for IDC enterprises.

Financing needs grow rapidly

Along with the increase of younger users, the needs of decoration loans and other financial demands also raised. Qeeka Home launched service provider loan and exclusive loan by cooperated with CCB and other financial institutions, and digs deep into the ecological financial scene and focuses on the upgrade of delivery management; In 2019 will continue developing in the financial field. The development of supply chain finance has obvious advantages in realizing the efficient connections between financing enterprises and financial institutions. Tubatu first promotes "Tuhaorong", which helps SMEs with financing difficulties and improves their operation efficiency of the industrial chain.

The development of smart home

Smart home has been favored by users. Online IDC platform introduced the smart home through well-built home decoration scenes. Pairing smart home system, experiencing fashion intelligent life and bringing many conveniences to life will be an inevitable future developing trend. Domestic smart home will get into an outbreak period.

VR and AI become popular

The emergence of artificial intelligence provides a brand-new solution to construction standardization issue in the IDC market. Using artificial intelligence in the construction process may better solve the pain points and problems. In the future, the application of artificial intelligent robots in the IDC industry will reduce the uncertainty in the construction process. It will improve the efficiency of the IDC industry and enhance user experience, while ensuring the decoration quality.