"2018 China Mobile Internet Industry Development Analysis Report" Published

Recently, Trustdata, a well-known mobile internet big data monitoring platform in China, published the "2018 China Mobile Internet Industry Development Analysis Report". The report pointed out that in 2018, Chinese internet companies reinforced their internal strengths and set off a second overseas listing boom. iQIYI, Buy Together, Xiaomi, Meituan, Qeeka Home and other companies have been listed in U.S. or Hong Kong in 2018.

Trustdata's report shows that in December 2018, 32.1% of Qeeka Home's active users were newly registered users, and the highest ratio was close to 34%. Previously, iiMedia Research's "20181H China Online Interior Design and Construction Platform Traffic Analysis Research Report" also showed that in the second quarter of 2018, Qeeka Home's APP active user growth rate was 22.1%, ranking far ahead compared with other China online IDC platforms.

Since 2014, Qeeka Home has begun to deploy mobile terminals and develop a variety of APPs, cutting-in from different aspects such as design, picture sharing, knowledge content precipitation and response to decoration demands. Relevant data shows that as of December 31, 2018, the interior design and construction content on Qeeka Home's platforms included greater than 2.1 million articles and posts, 4.3 million photos and 880,000 real cases, which was a rapid growth compared to 2017.

Not only the number of APP active users grew rapidly, but also all the core data related to Qeeka Home's users increased considerably. On March 29th, Qeeka Home released its first annual report after listing. According to the annual report of 2018, the number of monthly unique visitors was 48.6 million, representing an increase of 28.6% YoY, and the number of recommended users was 325,000, representing an increase of 41.8% YoY.

The superior performances of various data are inseparable from Qeeka Home's long-standing "user first" concept. In order to guarantee users' favorable experience in home decoration, Qeeka Home took the lead in the industry to provide a series of feature services, such as compensation ahead, genuine guarantee, gold medal construction team, Qijiabao service, and also "material housekeeper" and other heavy service products. Additionly, based on the reputable shops ranking system established in the field of building material, Qeeka Home has constructed a fair, open and transparent ecology gathering plenty of most reputable brands and products in the field of home building materials. The ecology is an industrial model which is welcomed by users.

According to the analysis from industry insiders, users are traffic. As Qeeka Home is the top company of China's online interior design and construction industry, its strong new media traffic and brand influence have brought a continuously increasing user base to the company, while the solid user base could attract more service providers to settle in, which in turn would fulfill the diverse needs of users in interior design and construction industry.