Qeeka Home launched "Qizhitui" to Layout the Interior Design and Construction Marketing Ecology

【Ebrun, 21 May 2019】 Qeeka Home has launched a smart solution-Qizhitui, to provide more marketing tools for brand owners through content production, information distribution, traffic conversion etc.

It is understood that "Qizhitui" integrates effective advertising on the platform to meet the three dimensions of user path, station conversion data and brand needs. On the one hand, users choose their own home building materials through the platform to form a closed loop; on the other hand, Qeeka Home uses massive data and content precipitation to help enhence brands' exposure and influence users' decision-making. It can be divided into four stages:

The first is the intelligence-created flow. According to Qeeka Home's financial report, Qeeka Home had 48.6 million monthly unique visitors in 2018, and the number reached to 54.31 million in May 2018. In addition, Qeeka Home also has multi-channel layouts in PC terminals, WeChat public account, Weibo etc. to fully cover the users' home decoration scenes.

The second is the intelligence-created users. At present, Qeeka Home has cooperated with many companies, including Meida integrated stove, Cimic tiles, Golden Home cabinet, TATA door, Sogal wardrobe etc. Leveraging the platform advantages, Qeeka Home can help enterprises to promote their brands and precisely push information, thus affecting users' decisions-making.

The third is the intelligence-created effect. Taking "Kuka Home Super Brand Day" as an example, Qeeka Home launched "Decorate the Full House with Free of Charge" products. During the event, the Baidu index of "Kuka", "Kuka Home" and "Kuka Sofa" increased by about 60%+, and the reserved users among 587 cities.

The fourth is the intelligence-created precipitation. In 2014, Qeeka Home officially launched the home building material brand hall. At the same time, through "smart delivery", the platform helped enterprises to attract traffic on users' browsing path and strengthened brands' advertising exposure, which enhanced the users' goodwill towards the brands.

According to the representative of Qeeka Home, next step, Qeeka Home will open up the precise flow pool and the gathering place of users' decoration content to all building material brand merchants to jointly provide comprehensive and practical decoration knowledge, products and services to interior design and contruction users.