Qeeka Empowers Interior Design Companies to Compete in Supply Stock Market and Win in the Age of Consolidation

It is an indisputable fact that the current real estate market is in the stock market stage. How to regain the market has become a hot topic for traditional interior design service providers. And “Old House Renovation” and “Partial Improvement” have become the key words.

Qeeka as the leading company has taken the lead to optimize strategies, strongly pushing the expansion of stock housing market. Qeeka believes that consumer demand will continue to diversify with the development of China’s economy and living standards. High frequency and low-price interior design demand such as partial renovation and rental housing interior design is increasing. “In light of this trend, we plan to enrich the range of our services (newly added refurbished and rental apartment refurbishment) to improve user stickiness.”

Changes in the market environment have transformed corporate thinking. Industry experts believe that the multi-level structure of Chinese market has created different opportunities. For traditional interior design companies, the renovation of new houses is saturated, but the market space for stocking house is still huge. “With the continuous consumption upgrade for quality of life, a large number of old houses that were built earlier with poor design are in need of renovation. Old house renovation and partial renovation have been put on the agenda. In order to achieve sustained growth in the future, it is necessary for interior design service providers to actively change their thinking, carry out business transformation, and continuously improve their services capabilities.”

In order to enable the interior design industry, Qeeka has continuously strengthened and expanded the scope of empowerment. In 2018, Qeeka strengthened the supply chain, management software, and decoration company loans to enhance the service capability and competitive advantages. In the future, Qeeka will continue to exert efforts in front-end customer acquisition, precision consumer targeting, supply chain empowerment, interior design finance, management empowerment, operational empowerment etc. It will greatly improve the operating efficiency, reduce the cost, increase profitability, and help interior design companies transform and develop.

Aided by the strong promotion and empowerment strategy, there have been a number of interior design companies that target niche markets in 2018. They launched sub-divisions such as partial renovation, old house renovation, customized villa interior design and rental house interior design. Platforms have achieved a rapid growth.

Meanwhile, discovering new incremental space is also important for Qeeka to break through the stocking house market. In recent years, the consumption willingness and potential of third and fourth-tier cities have been fully released, and the huge population base has brought the momentum of overtaking first and second-tier cities. Relevant data shows that China’s permanent urban population was 840 million, and the permanent rural population was 560 million in 2018. There is still room for growth compared with the urbanization proportion of more than 70% in developed countries, which also means a huge home improvement market is awaiting its potential.

An industry expert said, “whether it is the old house renovation business or entering the third and fourth-tier cities’ markets, the competition in the home improvement market will be more intense in the future. Interior design companies need to keep up with the development of online platforms, focused on improvement of core competitive advantages, transforming and upgrading according to users’ needs to continue their growth.”