Qeeka Home Promote the Classification System of Decoration companies, to Further Enhance the User Experience

Qeeka Home released its interim financial report on the Aug 20, the report displayed that revenue of the first half year of 2019 was RMB 366 million, an increase of 33% over the same period of last year. The adjusted net profit was RMB 35 million, 16.5% year-on-year growth. Among them, the online platform business continued growth trend, increasing 57.1% to RMB 224.6 million comparing with the corresponding period of last year.Over the past few years, the penetration rate of online IDC industry has deepened. Enabled by the Internet, the IDC information is daily transparent and user can enjoy convenient decoration services online directly. However, information transparency accompanies information redundancy, how to select the most suitable IDC service providers become a difficult problem.

Qeeka Home the top online IDC improvement platform is trying to solve this problem for users. It is understood that Qeeka Home has launched the online grading system for decoration companies, so that users can intuitively understand the service characteristics of various IDC service providers on the platform, and efficiently complete the matching between users' personalized needs and decoration companies, thereby further improving user experience.

Specifically, Qeeka Home incorporates all aspects that users pay attention to in the decoration process into the grading system, including design effect, punctual start-up rate, material quality, construction quality, punctual delivery rate, overall business services and gives different weight coefficients, eventually forming different stars system, among which five-star represents the best quality decoration company. In addition to the stars system, users can also refer to the service provider's praise rate, evaluation, case, site, foreman, the number of designers and other information, so as to understand the strength and service level in different dimensions. Combined with the classification system users can select service providers more effectively according to decoration style, room type, location, etc. It is reported that Qeeka Home has become the first platform in the industry to recommend decoration companies precisely according to the surrounding area of 30 kilometers.

It is worth mentioning that in order to eliminate false comments, users who actually traded can comment on the platform, to ensure the referential value of the comments.

At the same time, Qeeka Home vigorously promotes the standardization of the whole decoration process, from room measurement, design, quotation, construction to after-sales, formulates service standards for each link, and ensures the decoration quality and service level. Through online tools in each process to inform the decoration company service standards and precautions, realize the online close-loop of the whole process, to ensure that the platform can serve users with higher industry standards.

Throughout the development history of Qeeka Home, from the initial building materials sales platform, screening high-quality materials products to users, to the development of online IDC platform, looking for high-quality decoration companies for users, the development history of Qeeka Home is also the upgrade and evaluation history of online IDC user experience. During the period, Qeeka Home initiated Qijiabao service, which provides users with payment guarantee and free third-party supervision service, live broadcasting on the construction site, supervises the construction process in an all round way, and presents decoration comprehensive insurance to solve users' worries.

In the process of upgrading user experience, Qeeka Home has also gained increasingly users' support and trust. Bida consulting data shows that in the survey of customer satisfaction of major online IDC platform in 2018, Qeeka Home provide users the lower prices, higher quality products and better services by upgrading new technologies and innovating business models, and helped owners achieve a relaxed and reassuring home decoration experience, thus obtaining 90.6% of the highest user satisfcation.