Qeeka Home released its interim financiaQeeka Home released “Torch upgrading plan”, to reshape the Online IDC user experience

Nowadays, an increasing number of users try to search IDC (Interior Design and Construction) service online. Users also want to find the IDC service providers with a low price and high quality, and complete the whole decoration experience more conveniently and smoothly with the help of online platform. This trend puts forward higher requirements for the ability of the service providers.

Recently, Qeeka Home officially released the “torch upgrading plan” to screen and support 1000 high-quality IDC service providers nationwide, create industry benchmarks, and promote the transformation and upgrading of decoration companies and enhance their capabilities through their own advantages, which may bring a way to break such a trend.

Multiple measures to improve the core competence of the IDC service providers

In terms of the traditional IDC service, the efficiency and experience of home decoration mainly depend on “people”, the construction and design are mostly separated. The foreman of the construction team cannot control the design effect and materials in real time. It is common to rely on builders’ own experience during the whole construction process, resulting in the phenomenon of long construction period. In addition, part of the “decoration guerrillas” maliciously deceive consumers, causing great trouble to the user experience.

Is it possible to meet users’ two way needs for efficiency and quality by unifying management standards, improving management efficiency and opening up multiple roles in the IDC service chain? Qeeka Home’s upgrade kit launched for “torch pool” may be a good path.

It is understood that “torch pool” companies can improve their operation ability to match the diverse needs of different users through the combination of marketing tools, design tools, information tools, operation tools, financial tools and other tools provided by Qeeka Home. It is reported that the marketing tools will establish multi-dimensional classification labels for multiple roles on the platform through the construction of “service provider portrait, designer portrait and user portrait”, so as to accurately match the advantages with the user needs. The design tools will provide a series of supporting systems such as design software, documentary software, site management and auxiliary material ordering around the installation enterprise with a complete set of perfect IT system enables all services such as order receiving, order management, product output, storage management and financial management of installation enterprises to be realized through platform and online, business tools are designed to help small and medium-sized decoration companies improve management efficiency, reduce operation cost and risk, and effectively enhance the trust between IDC service provider and users through Qijiabao 2.0 upgrading service. Financial tools will be able to provide financial support for those who intend to become bigger and stronger.

In addition, the “torch upgrading plan” also includes further deepening of the supply chain. Through the deep construction of the ecological supply chain system, the establishment of a shared exhibition hall and self-established logistics system, users can enjoy high-quality one-stop decoration services through Qeeka Home network platform.

Star rating system solves the “poor user experience” for the IDC service providers

In fact, the IDC industry is a pre consumption industry, with long industrial chain, many intermediate links, long construction cycle and other characteristics, resulting in high complexity of the decoration itself. Therefore, it is difficult for IDC users to trust the service providers when they consume first and then serve, and they have doubts about the service providers.

In order to help IDC users understand the comprehensive strength of service providers intuitively and improve matching efficiency, Qeeka Home will also vigorously promote the star rating system for the IDC service providers who settled in Qeeka Home’s platform. From the design, construction, service and other dimensions of the comprehensive assessment, using five-star system with 10 levels. Users can clearly understand the comprehensive strength of the IDC service providers, reduce the cost of user choice, and improve the decision-making.

According to the information, Qeeka Home’s star rating assessment dimension is very complex, covering from four dimensions of service providers’ operation data, delivery satisfaction, user comments and store contents, eighteen sub dimensions, as many as dozens of assessment criteria.

Generally speaking, users are more inclined to choose high star service providers; moreover, Qeeka Home said to public that it would provide various support policies for high star IDC service providers of the platform, to encourage them to actively upgrade stars and improve user experience. This means that in order to develop better and faster, service providers must try their best to improve their star rating. Of course, in order to improve the user experience faster, Qeeka Home has enriched the ranking and comments within the region where the service providers are located on the basis of the star rating system. The IDC service providers can focus on the rectification of the points lost part through the background and the platform’s scoring details and suggest for improvement.

It is worth mentioning that in order to optimize the upgrade guarantee function and user experience, Qeeka Home released the Qijiabao Service 2.0, which provide users with a wide range of services such as full butler, contract consultation and review, eleven times of quality inspection service, safety civilization and duration control, and further strengthens the mutual trust between the service providers and users. All in all, no matter from the perspective of optimizing the IDC service providers and improving the ability, or from the perspective of reducing the cost of selection and strengthening the guarantee, Qeeka Home’s multiple initiatives have targeted the key links of user experience. With the implementation and deepening of relevant measures, the user experience of IDC may usher in new changes in the future, which can also lay a good user foundation for the sound growth for the IDC service providers.