Shanghai Shopping Fest Showed Sweetness, Qeeka Home Help Decoration Service Providers Resume Work and Production Orderly

On 13 May 2020, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government held a press conference to announce the "Shanghai's Double Five Shopping Festival" has showed success, which had been held for nearly half a month. As the only platform selected for the "Double Five Shopping Festival" of interior decoration field, Qeeka Home helped many decoration service providers to resume work and production smoothly, with significant growth in performance.

During the "Double Five Shopping Festival", Qeeka Home launched the "May Day Qeeka Home Decoration Festival" activities. From the scale of activities, discount strength, user experience and other aspects of innovation, Qeeka Home help decoration service providers to attract a large number of customers. According to Qeeka Home staff, the interior decoration market is gradually recovering. In May, the results of Qeeka Home increased significantly in terms of volume compared to the previous month, and were even much higher than the same period last year.

Affected by the epidemic, interior decoration demand in the first quarter did not show a substantial warming trend, and the suppressed interior decoration demand is not released, meaning that interior decoration service providers are under pressure from plummeting revenue and constant input of rent and labor costs.

During the peak of the epidemic, Qeeka Home as the leading IDC platform, launched the "four categories of eight" support initiatives for service providers to alleviate the pressure of decoration service providers, to tide over the difficulties together, to help decoration companies to solve business problems. During this period, Qeeka Home launched the online live broadcast tool for decoration service providers - live broadcast, which attracted a large number of brands and decoration companies during the "Double Five Shopping Festival", ushering in a wave of small peak of online live traffic.

In the domestic epidemic slowdown, accelerate the resumption of work to resume production is the most pressing needs of decoration service providers, but how to guide consumers to release demand is a problem in front of them. During the "Double Five Shopping Festival", Qeeka Home used online traffic to empower the real economy, integrated the group buying of building materials and promotional activities of decoration companies innovatively. Consumers can purchase the major building materials brands on the basis of large discounts, but also from the side of the decoration company to get "4999 RMB off for 100,000 RMB, 1,000 RMB off for 40,000 RMB", "decoration to send electrical appliances" and other decoration discounts, one-stop to get the decoration and building materials.

In order to meet consumers' demand for quality interior decoration services, Qeeka Home also enhances decoration efficiency and ensures epidemic prevention and safety by upgrading the one-stop, full-process online service experience. At the same time, consumers can also enjoy the upgraded Qijia Bao service, which not only provides higher frequency and smoother process of professional acceptance service, but also offers the highest compensation up to 1.32 million RMB of safety insurance service. All of these service could make sure the safety of personal property during the renovation process is more secure, and even the interruption of the project can be compensated.

The rise in consumer traffic and improved performance is evident, attracted by strong discounts and quality service. Many decoration companies said that the company's performance showed "explosive growth" compared to the early stage of the epidemic since "Double Five Shopping Festival", which has brought a large amount of cash flow for them, reducing the pressure on business.

After tasting the "sweetness" of online marketing, Qeeka Home staff concluded, "through the 'Double Five Shopping Festival' and 'May Day Qeeka Home Decoration Festival' practice, it reinforces our belief in online, digital transformation."