Qeeka Home with ZHUBEI live Participate in CBD Fair with New Technology to Explore New Boundaries of IDC industry

On July 9, at the 22nd China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair (referred to as "CBD Fair"), the first shares of IDC vertical platform Qeeka Home (01739.HK, subject of operation: Jia.com) co-hosted the First IDC Industry Eco-Conference with CBD Fair. At the event, themed "Interoperability, Exploring New Frontiers", "ZHUBEI(住呗)" live debuted. Zhu Kai, head of ZHUBEI and vice president of Qeeka Home, discussed new trends in IDC industry with many well-known experts, designers and entrepreneurs.

Against the backdrop of the epidemic's impact on offline stores and the fact that live has become a lifeline for IDC companies in their transformation, the new digital marketing service model represented by ZHUBEI became the focus of participants' attention. Zhang Yongzhi, editor-in-chief of Tencent Home, Li Hao, general manager of Aupu's home furnishings integrated business unit, and Cha Yong, vice president of Dongpeng, all agreed that live would be a very important way to gain traffic and users in IDC industry, and would also be a powerful tool to promote the integration and interoperability of the upstream and downstream.

In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the interest and participation of IDC industry players such as brands, stores, dealers and service providers in live has increased rapidly, making it one of the most important channels to gain customers. After months of two-way selection by users and companies, ZHUBEI live system stood out and has become one of the most well-known live streaming systems in the industry. Reporters inquiring related public information to learn, Dongpeng in a single event on ZHUBEI live of the total number of views reached more than 1.8 million, cumulative number of 1.5 million people, generating a total of 36,881 orders. In addition to Huida, Opple and other brands are also millions of consumers to participate.

"Live is a digital marketing service platform, which focuses on providing digital solutions for home building materials sales channels and helps brand manufacturers reach users directly through the fission storage system, user and guide system, and live system. And all of our live broadcasts actually exceeded expectations, with consumers receptive to IDC broadcasts, with the number of views per live broadcast and of orders has been substantial." According to Zhu Kai, since its official launch in March, ZHUBEI has been conducting multiple live events daily, helping many renovation companies and building material brands to market and acquire customers online.

With the powerful micro-cracking model of "Collecting Customers and Fracturing Order Transfer Rate", ZHUBEI has become the preferred channel for new IDC retail marketing, and with the tremendous flow and technical support from Qeeka Home, the first shares of IDC vertical platform, it not only attracts attention of many building material brands, but also spreads new technologies and new thinking among the participants through on-the-ground activities.