Qeeka Home Release of 2021 Service Upgrade Strategy

Qeeka Home (1739.HK, subject of operation: Jia.com, “the Company”) -----a Hong Kong-listed company, recently held the 4th National Home Decoration Industry Summit and 2021 Service Upgrade Conference. At the conference, Qeeka Home officially launched the Torch Plan 2.0 upgrade plan, established the G100 Club, announced that it would support one hundred IDC enterprises to reach RMB100 million in output value and one thousand IDC enterprises to reach RMB 50 million in output value within three years, and strengthened the company 's role as an assistant and advisor for business transformation. From the whole process of home improvement service, Qeeka Home sets up high standards to help installers achieve higher quality growth at a higher service level and promote the improvement of service level in the industry.

It is reported that the establishment of "G100 Club" is the specific goal of company 's service upgrade strategy. According to General Manager of Sales Jiu Haogun of the company, Qeeka Home will screen thousands of high-quality decoration enterprises in China to form Torch Warehouse 2.0 and establish G100 Club. In the next three years, Qeeka Home will support 100 platform enterprises to enter the 100-million-dollar production value threshold and 1000 platform enterprises to break through the 50-million-dollar production value by continuously increasing support.

In the home improvement industry, which has always been known as "big industry, small business", home improvement companies are constrained by the complexity of the industry chain, difficulty in standardization and other factors, making it extremely difficult to expand their scale and output value. Industry insiders have said that there is almost no decoration company in China whose business covers more than five cities and still makes profits. Mr. Jun said that through digital empowerment, operation system upgrade, standardized management, industrial supply chain opening and other support initiatives, the output value of home improvement enterprises is expected to get a breakthrough growth, while Torch Plan 2.0 support initiatives will cover the entire industry chain from brand exposure, customer acquisition, sales, conversion to building materials procurement, distribution, construction, and after-sales service.

Deng Huajin, Chairman of Qeeka Home, said that the user service experience is becoming more important than ever, and the development of the industry is greatly restricted by low-price competition, additions and omissions, shoddy work and other service chaos, and that the user's trust and praise is the most valuable asset of installed enterprises. Qeeka Home 's life-cycle user service is not only to enhance user experience and improve the industry's shortcomings, but also to help install enterprises achieve quality and long-term development on a higher service level.