Qeeka Home (stock code 1739.HK) goespublic in Hong Kong to fill the gap in"the Internet Home Decorationstock on Hong Kong Exchange”

Recently,Qeeka Home (Cayman) Inc. (stock code 1739.HK) ,the largest online interior design and construction platform in China andWise Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 6100.HK), the parent companyof liepin.com, China’s human resources website leaderwent public in Hong Kong,injecting fresh blood for internet and technology stock market continuously.Obviously, Hong Kong is ushering in another boom of Internet new stock now.

In order to improve the quality of life, people's consumption in interior design and construction has increased in recent years in accordance with the enhancement of China's economy and the standard of living of the people.

The continued demand for interior design and architectural services brings enormous business opportunities for the development of online services in China.According to the report from Frost & Sullivan, the Internet penetration rate of the online interior design and construction industry is expected to acceleratefor the period 2017 to 2022, from 5.5% to 38.1% and the GMV of that reach RMB 1.3 trillion in 2022.

Having fully and continuously benefited from the quality development opportunities presented by the expansion of the market, Qeeka Home,the Internet home decoration giant has announced its plans for a global offering to be listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) on June 21, whichsuccessfully filled the gap in the "the Internethome decorationstock on Hong Kong Exchange".

With large and rich ecosystem

By grasping the development opportunities of the industry, Qeeka Home has established a large user group and high-quality service providers on its platform. Its ecosystem owns 7,502 interior design and construction service providers covering more than 290 cities across the country. In April 2018, its monthly independent visitors reached 50.6 million.Through its self-operated interior design and construction business, franchisees have established business relationships in 176 cities across the country and have accumulated a large amount of user data and quality home decoration content at the same time, including over 1.2 million articles and posts, 3 million photos and 190,000 decoration examples.

In view of the different target customer groups and the diverse needs of users, Qeeka Home acquired Brausen and established Jumei.They are both two full-service interior design and architectural brands. The different point is that Brausen specializes in individual consumers, while Jumei focuses on providing interior design and construction services for residential real estate developers and service apartments. Due to the wise foresight of huge growth potential in the online interior design and construction market in China's thirdandfourth-tier cities, Qeeka Home has established a franchise brand “Dian Shang” for these markets and the relevant franchisees have done business in 157 cities across the country, further enriching the existing ecosystem system.

With competitive value-added services

Qeeka Home provides important value-added services to users and interior design and construction service providers through the platform, a core business.Traditional interior design and construction service providers provided to customers often involves non-transparent quotations, non-standard construction links and unsecured payment mechanisms and other issues, which often leads to the poor customer experience.Based on such issues, Qeeka Home provides users with high-quality home decoration contents, an Internet community to share experiences and a series of services designed to enhance the user experience, including professional consultation, free third-party testing services and payment guarantee, so as to optimize user experience.

On the other hand, Qeeka Home provides precise customer matching, enhances brand imageand helps interior design and construction service providers adopt standardized pricing strategies and building procedures, as well as improves operational efficiency on its platform when facing low brand awareness, high customer cost, non-standard service, low efficiency and high procurement costs that the providers would encountered.

With powerful data analysis and technical capabilities

Nowadays, big data on the Internet is changing the existing production and life. Under that circumstance, Qeeka Home has invested a lot of resources in technology development to provide users with advanced, convenient and safe experience. In order to achieve better service matching, Qeeka Home has established an artificial intelligence engine and automatic matching system, using powerful customer tracking technology and big data analysis capabilities to provide better services for users and service providers. Through unique matching algorithms, interior design and construction service providers with expertise in different fields can quickly and accurately interface users with different needs, enabling providers to get customers on its platform in a lower cost and a more efficient way.

Qeeka Home pursues the standardization and simplification of interior design and building processes and implements advanced technology throughout every detail of the service. The use of Virtual Reality (“VR”) software allows designers to quickly create 3D real-world designs for users to browse and share on their smart phones. The Construction Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") system allows the decoration company to break down the project into multiple time nodes and streamline the time and deliverables from one time node to the next, thereby better managing the entire building process. Qeeka Home is committed to transforming the traditional interior design and construction industry, improving the overall quality of interior design and construction services and enhancing customers' experience in selecting service providers, design, financing and payment, construction and delivery.

As a market leader, Qeeka Home is devoted to making interior design and construction processes more efficient, convenient and transparent.Based on a large ecosystem of users, service providers and home decoration contents and driven by the continuous supply of more diversified content and value-added services, Qeeka Home will attract more quality users and service providers to form benign development cycle,thus further expanding the business and enhances profitability and strengthening the industry's leading position.