Qeeka Home released after the epidemic of the new generation of home decoration consumption view

When the change of the times will be a new generation of consumer groups to the market, 90 / 95 after becoming the main force of home decoration consumption, focus on self, show personality, the pursuit of trends, become the new generation of "installed orientation". The home isolation brought about by the epidemic at the beginning of the year has made quality a real home decoration "just need", decorating life instead of decorating space has become the goal of decoration, the awareness of "home" is rising, "home" is being redefined. The concept of "home" is being redefined, and the new generation of home decorators is leading a new round of "home freedom".

In order to gain deep insight into the home life style and pain points of the young generation, Qeeka Home (01739.HK) Research Institute, together with PanHome.com, has jointly released "The Potential is Unstoppable" - Top 10 Potential Views on Home Decoration Consumption of the New Generation after 2020 Epidemic", which is an insight dedicated to catching the home decoration consumption trends that the young generation is setting off and will set off. The insight is dedicated to capturing the home decoration consumption trends that are being and will be set off by the young generation, and using data to drive and optimize the home furnishing consumption experience.