Qeeka Home&Meida China Beautiful Kitchen Design Competition concluded, "National Top 10" contestants shared their design concepts

On November 9, the "China Beautiful Kitchen Design Competition and Qeeka Home Four Designers Competition", jointly organized by Qeeka Homeand Zhejiang Meida, came to a successful conclusion. After the "10,000 into 20" network voting and the offline final on the day, Maohe Decoration LvWenjun, Amazing Design Wang Beng, Shangxiang Architecture Cui Yong, Tianyimei Decoration Liu Ning, Indang Decoration Mao Fei, Aquamarine Decoration Sky, Yulong Decoration Zeng Huan, Time and Space Elf Yang Meiling, Qiaochuang Space GuMengjie, Maohe Decoration Zhang Yao won the The honor of "National Top 10 Designers of the Year".

After the selection, we conducted random interviews with the winners to hear their design concepts.

WenjunLv: Design should give users a sense of beauty and a sense of belonging

For this design work, LvWenjun said, "The case is a family of three, the 9-year-old boy at home especially like the simple and warm comfortable style, but also need a lot of storage space, and the male owner of the details of the size is very important, hope that the design can achieve the efficient use of space, I retained the original advantage of the house north-south ventilation and expand the storage space, so that the whole space The movement line is more reasonable." Lv also said that being a designer comes from her love of art and beautiful colors since she was a child. "Transforming a rough room or an old room into a comfortable and beautiful home fills me with a sense of accomplishment. Designers don't just make the work look good, but actually design the possible future life behavior more skillfully based on the customer's past lifestyle, so that the user can feel a sense of beauty and belonging in it."

And in the kitchen, which is an important space to enhance the sense of belonging, LvWenjun adopts the design of Meida integrated cooker to achieve the effect of multiple functions in one, such as range hood, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, oven and steamer. Meida integrated cooker not only has a beautiful appearance, but also exhausts smoke more thoroughly, which improves the aesthetics of the whole house design and provides higher quality of life for the owner.

Wang Chuang: Design should be people-oriented

Designer Wang Chong's work is a three-bedroom wedding house type renovation. He mentioned, "I broke through the original steel ring wall to increase the space of the dining area, making the whole living and dining room open to the north and south and better circulation. The overall color palette adopts light warm colors, with some soft decorative tones of Chinese red, highlighting the simple yet high-quality space temperament." Regarding the design concept, Wang Chong always believes that design should be people-oriented, and the fundamental of design is the warm experience from life.

Therefore, in this case, the wall decoration of the living room is inspired by the works of the Scottish artist, stating the time and rhythm; the wall decoration of the dining room refers to Shakespeare's poetry and love, using the score piano to complete a piece of work; and the kitchen area uses the integrated stove products of Meida, which is equipped with a new inverter wisdom core, and the intelligent program hub can control the functional modules with real-time sensing. And its external use of innovative module design process, not only makes the integrated stove looks neater, easy to remove and wash the design of the smoke guide plate, but also makes daily cleaning easier and more convenient, from decoration to kitchenware to enhance the overall warmth index.

Cui Yong: design to create a living environment rich in vitality

Cui Yong believes that a good interior designer must first love his profession and can try his best to create a suitable and vital living space for the owners by combining their preferences and creating a relaxed and happy family atmosphere. The case of his work is a 280 sq. ft. large flat in downtown Suzhou, he said: "This design strives to be simple and practical, without pursuing luxury. At the same time, rustic materials are used to create an avant-garde modern space. Large floor-to-ceiling windows bring in as much natural light as possible to make the interior and exterior blend naturally, creating a feeling of indoor-outdoor integration as much as possible and getting an open, permeable and free layout. While daily life is comfortably secured, the existence of nature is not forgotten, and the use of some multifunctional furniture allows for a better interactive experience between the occupants."

Not only the multi-function of furniture, in the choice of kitchenware, Cui Yong also chose to collect a number of functions of the Mida integrated stove, to echo the core of the pursuit of practicality of the case. All the products in the Mei Da series use the DC inverter brushless motor technology developed independently, allowing the integrated cooker to achieve automatic cruise boost, avoiding the problem of poor smoke exhaust during peak cooking periods, thus achieving better smoke absorption. In addition, Meida's unique high net suction technology uses micro-air dynamics to optimize the exhaust system, improving the wind pressure, full pressure efficiency and energy conversion efficiency of the integrated cooker products, bringing a more relaxed cooking experience to the kitchen.

With the dust settling on the "annual national top ten designers", the "Qeeka Home&Meida China Beauty Kitchen Design Competition" launched since September has officially come to an end. It is understood that this competition is the fourth designer competition held by Qeeka Home. With the growing demand for home design, high-quality designer competitions have become one of the important channels for discovering, training and empowering interior designer talents. It is expected that there will be more platforms like Qeeka Home to provide a stage for excellent designers, provide reference for consumers and provide new impetus for the development of the home decoration industry.