Qeeka Home and Pudong Development Bank Enter Into A Strategic Partnership To Explore New Modes Of Cooperation Between Banks and Enterprises

On November 18, Qeeka Home (01739.HK, domesticoperator of Jia.com) (the "Company") and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. have entered into a strategic cooperation. The two companies will actively engage in constructive business cooperation in the financial sector, giving full play to their respective industrial advantages to achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, and gradually establish a "Qeeka Home - Pudong Development Bank" strategic alliance. -Pudong Development Bank" strategic alliance.

In recent years, the development of the home improvement industry continues to heat up, while also facing the transformation of dynamic energy, industrial upgrading, the rapid migration of user demand to the new form of online, there is still huge space for high-quality industrial development, financial scenario exploration. As a national joint-stock bank headquartered in Shanghai, Pudong Development Bank has become a hard-core financial force to help the Yangtze River Delta take off. In recent years, Pudong Development Bank has been supporting the steady development of real economy enterprises including advanced manufacturing industries and strategic emerging industries in multiple dimensions, gradually becoming the leader and pioneer of high-quality development of the financial industry in the new era. As the largest home improvement SaaS home improvement service platform in China, Qeeka Home was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 12, 2018, becoming the first share of home improvement vertical platform, currently ranking first in the industry in terms of platform traffic, market share and brand influence, and is the preferred platform for users seeking home improvement services on the Internet and home improvement enterprises seeking digital transformation and upgrading based on Internet technology.

The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement and reached a strategic alliance of "Qeeka Home - Pudong Development Bank" is a strong combination, which is expected to achieve mutual empowerment and deep integration in business synergy and help the transformation and upgrading of the home improvement industry.

In fact, as a leader in the home improvement field, Qeeka Home has previously reached strategic cooperation with Bank of China, Construction Bank, Ping An Bank, etc., which has played an important role in empowering installation enterprises and serving users. For example, during the epidemic, many of the installation enterprises are facing the crisis of broken capital chain, in this case, Qeeka Home launched a special support plan, including the provision of a total of more than 100 million yuan of financial support for the installation enterprises, and through the relevant banks to open a green channel for the platform to cooperate with the installation enterprises special payment, to help the installation enterprises smoothly through the difficulties; in the service of the user is launched Qeeka Home peace insurance products, the product in the protection of user renovation The product plays an important role in protecting users from accidental losses and delays in the renovation process; at the same time, Qeeka Home also actively cooperates with the Bank of China and the Construction Bank to explore the application of financial scenarios to help users better solve the financial problems in the renovation process.

At the signing ceremony, Kang Liang, CFO of Qeeka Home, said that our mission is "to help users achieve a beautiful home with ease, peace of mind and money saving", and its mission is to improve the efficiency of the industry and the ultimate user experience, and it has been cultivating the home improvement industry for many years, with a large amount of decoration data and tens of thousands of decoration enterprises' practical experience, relying on the SaaS-based home improvement platform. The company's SaaS-based home improvement platform has realized the two-way empowerment of C-end users and B-end decoration enterprises. The strategic cooperation is a recognition of the service and business model of Qeeka Home by Pudong Development Bank, and will help Qeeka Home to further innovate and develop to provide quality home improvement services to decoration enterprises and users.

The Pfaff Bank said that Qeeka Home, as an Internet home improvement platform, is actively laying out the digital transformation and all-round empowerment of the installation enterprises, and the future development space is very broad, the two sides together, will help the two sides complement each other's advantages and resources, promote the two sides in a broader field and deeper cooperation, and further explore the new mode of cooperation between banks and enterprises.