Trustdata Releases Q3 Mobile Internet Industry Report, Showing Active Users Increase Rate of Qeeka Home Continues to Lead

On October 31, Trustdata, the leading mobile Internet big data monitoring platform in China, released its 2018 China Mobile Internet Industry Development Analysis Report. According to the report, the active users increase rate of Qeeka Home continued to lead in the mobile Internet of interior design and construction industry, reaching 33.3%, which shows the company is growing rapidly with impressive performance.

According to the data released by Trustdata, the active users increase rate of Qeeka in the past year is basically higher than the industry average. From mid-March 2018, it continues to widen its gap with other enterprises in the industry. Meanwhile, according to the interim financial report released by Qeeka, its number of monthly unique visitors in the first half of 2018 was 46.3 million, a year-on-year increase of 48.5%; the number of recommended users and conversion users increased by more than 45% year-on-year.

The data from Trustdata indicated that the active users increase rate of Qeeka has shown a linear growth trend since July, up to the highest level this year. In July, Qeeka successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first listed company in the online interior design and construction industry. The perfect listing moment also further enhanced the brand effect, which enabled Qeeka to win the trust and support of more users.

It is believed that Qeeka is highly favored by users, which is inseparable from its long-held "User First" concept. Since its inception, Qeeka has been committed to enhancing the user's ultimate experience, constantly innovating and developing, and deeply creating a new home decoration model that integrates both online and offline markets, providing home decoration users with lower price, higher quality and better service solutions.

In order to protect the user's decoration experience, Qeeka is the first in the industry to provide a series of special services such as advance payment, authentic guarantee, gold construction team, means of payment—Qijiabao, etc., and launches “Material Steward” and other heavy service products. In addition, Qeeka has built a fair, open and transparent highly-functioned ecosystem based on the established reputation system in the interior design and construction industry. It has gathered a group of brands and products with the most favorable reputation and has been well received by users thus becoming a model in the industry.

According to the 2018 China online interior design and construction industry development analysis report released by Trustdata, analysts counted the reputation of the home decoration platform from multi-dimensional indicators such as the pre-sales service, decoration design, construction quality, efficiency, after-sales feedback, etc. And as a result, the data shows that Qeeka home has been ranked first in the industry.