Qeeka Home CooperateswithCoohomto Create Cloud Design Platform, Open up the Ecosystem and Build New Value

According to the China News, Qeeka Home officially signed a strategic cooperation with Coohom (the home cloud design platform) on the September 26th. The two parties will jointly build the cloud design platform based on Qeeka’s ecosystem and Coohom's design service capabilities, to further break through key links and improve the “solution design, customer acquisition, operation management, production and construction”, thus empowering the whole interior design and construction industry.

It is understood that after this cooperation, designers in the Qeeka platform can directly use Coohom's intelligent cloud design tools and the designers and service providers who have cooperated with Coohom can also accept orders from the Qeeka’s platform, thus achieving mutual integration on the design end.

As an online interior design and construction platform, Qeeka has brought together nearly 10,000 decoration companies and plenty of outstanding designers. Its monthly unique visitors reached 54.31 million, with strong brand appeal and huge ecological system. While, Coohom is a cloud design platform driven by original technology. With industry-leading cloud design system and huge design resources, Coohom is committed to the development of cloud rendering, cloud design, BIM, VR, AR, AI and other technologies to achieve a "what you see is what you get" panoramic VR design and decoration new model. At present, Coohom has a library of 90% of the house type models, attracting more than 4 million interior designers and over 10 million users.

“Under the wave of consumption upgrades, users' demand for decoration design is increasingly diversified and personalized. For the decoration enterprises, the front-end design scene becomes the key to the opening up the market, while the outdated design capability is difficult to support the business development. Qeeka has been exploring the empowerment method, which can be seen in its active roles of Finest Interior Design and The Designer APP.”For this cooperation, Qeeka said, “the emergence of new technologies has promoted the transformation of design,Coohom has rich experience, strong innovation ability and technology precipitation. Through this collaboration, we can integrate the Qeeka online platform ecology with Coohom's design capabilities to create more efficient and powerful design solutions, thus injecting new kinetic energy into the design field.”

Coohomvoiced that the perfect integration of the two platforms will help more service providers and home owners improve the decoration service and userexperience, and achieve various values. Also, for Coohom, with the huge user, service providers and supply chain system from Qeeka, the more efficient extension will further enhance its growth, thus promoting the company's accelerated development.

For the whole interior design and constructionindustry, the combination of two parties will not only improve the designer's service quality, plotting and signing efficiency, which is beneficial to the customer acquisition capacity, conversion capability and overall operational efficiency of the service providers as well.At the same time, it also unlocks new ways in branding and marketing for supply chain brands, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation in the whole industry. Additionally, it will further meet the needs of the owners for quick plotting, VR experience, and quality delivery, and realize “what you think is what you see, what you see is what you get”, after the opening of design resources of both parties, which greatly enhances the user experience.

It is reported that after the cooperation, Qeeka will continue to invest in operational resources, jointly launch the business promotion in hundreds of cities, experience VR renderings in millions of communities and promote the online salon with millions of designers to create a large ecosystem for designers in the interior design and construction industry.